Project 3 -- Drawings

Stage 1: the starting point of project 3 began with the project 2 idea: that within every apparent order in a structure, there is a contradiction, and therefore an opportunity to extend.

Stage 2: the above idea of extension was then taken as an opportunity to ‘grow’ by using a ‘fragment’ and a ‘slice’ [of a wall, window of a structure] to allow new configurations and produce incomplete continuities.
Note: this idea has mainly been explored in 2 house structures.

Stage 3: continuity and growth also allow an opening up of always emerging possibilities, spaces and time configurations, rather than defining and locking them.
Note: this idea has mainly been explored in the galleries – as in-between spaces. Galleries range from ‘microscope garden’, ‘telescope pavilion’ and photographic studios.

Project 3 -- Model

Project 3 -- Model

Project 3 -- Analysis

Project 3 -- Process model

Project 3 -- Initial Drawing

Project 3 -- Sketches

Project 2 -- Final Presentation

Structure Contradiction: the corner of the dining room does not coincide with a salon post. Hence, openness occurs and as a source of expansion, which deconstructs the cubic structure in three trajectories:
  • the sight from the corridor through the skylight to the roof-garden;
  • the sight from the dining room through a bay window to the closed garden;
  • the oblique sight from the dining room to the salon continuing to the outside, parallel to the sloping site.

Project 2 -- Analysis Drawings

Project 2 -- Analysis Models

Project 1 -- Thinking through the Work

Project 1 -- Group Model

Project 1 -- Drawings

Muller House -- Long Section (1:100)

Muller House -- Plan (1:100)

Muller House -- Plan (1:100)

Muller House -- Axinomatric Section (1:100)

Project 1 -- Analysis

Communication -- Workshop 4 -- Model It

Fisher House

Fisher House Site

Church of the Light

Process Model